Customer Service 1-844-3-Gauges (844-342-8437)

Ron Hanna

» Job Position:

General Manager


» My Goal:

Customer Satisfaction. Our customers are our business and I want to be a part of the team that provides value to the customer and the absolute best in quality and customer service.  


» What sparked my interest in the job?

The biggest reason that I chose to join the team at Classic Instruments is John McLeod's passion. He has a passion for the product to be the best, to develop the best team of people and take care of them, and for the community. With that kind of leadership, all of those goals will be accomplished and I know my experience in Engineering, Processes, Management, and New Product Development will be a good fit for keeping Classic Instruments at the top and helping the company grow.


» Interests/Hobbies:

 Hunting, fishing, camping, boating, and most other outdoor activities and developing new products and invention.


» Contact: