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All New Direct-fit Package for the 1966-’67 Nova

Monday, November 2, 2020  |   Email   Print

All New Direct-fit Package for the 1966-’67 Nova

Boyne City, MI, November 2nd, 2020 — We are pleased to announce the release of an all new direct-fit package for the 1966-’67 Nova. The package features a speedometer, tachometer, fuel level, temperature, oil pressure, and volt gauges; along with indicator lights. All the gauges are electronic operation. The fuel gauge is programmable for any ohm range with a selector switch on the back of the cluster. This means the fuel gauge will work with the stock sending unit (0-90 ohm), any other factory sending units, or any Classic Instruments fuel sending unit. The cluster mounts in the original factory bezel and uses the original diffuser plate, both of which will need to be re-used from the customers’ original cluster. A new, laser-cut plastic lens is provided with the cluster. Wiring is handled with a single wire harness connection on the back of the cluster and there is a separate connection and harness for an external shift light on the back of the cluster as well. Additionally, the wire harness includes a separate power (12V) and ground lead to allow the customer the flexibility to add things such as a check engine, emergency brake, open door, or low oil pressure indicator. Other lighting includes green turn signal indicators, red warning light, and a blue high beam indicator; all LED. Speedometer calibration is quick and easy with push-button control, and Classic Instruments’ Zeus Speedometer Technology is built-in meaning the cluster requires no external control boxes and works directly with ECM or VSS signals. It also has a built-in ECM signal filter switch. The cluster is available in five different colors/series.

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