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Zeus Speedometer Technology™ received two special awards at the SEMA 2013

Tuesday, April 22, 2014  |   Email   Print

Zeus Speedometer Technology™ received two special awards at the SEMA 2013

Classic Instruments is pleased to announce that its new Zeus Speedometer Technology™ received two special awards at the SEMA 2013 show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The first, runner up for best new Street Rod or Custom car product in 2013 and the second, a Global Media Award from England.

ZST™ revolutionizes speedometer technology with unparalleled ease of use in calibration, diagnostics, and versatility.

Classic Instruments is proud to announce the release of the revolutionary Zeus Speedometer Technology™ or ZST™. Thirty six years of gauge design innovation, customer suggestions, and cutting edge technology have produced a speedometer with astounding capabilities. Classic Instruments’ speedometers with ZST™ offer the easiest calibration and most advanced user interface available on the market today.

A speedometer with ZST™ features:

Revolutionary instantaneous calibration, just drive the vehicle 30 miles per hour and push a button. ZST™ eliminates the need for detailed calibration procedures, dip switch adjustments or driving a marked mile.

The world’s first self diagnosing technology, ZST™ gives the user the ability to identify common issues with today’s electronics.

Extremely versatile tachometer technology gives you the ability to calibrate for 1 to 12 cylinder engines.

Cutting edge electronics to accept any known speed signals (pulse generator, VSS- Vehicle Speed Sensor, ECM- Engine Control Module, or GPS- Global Positioning System) with no additional interface necessary between the sending unit and speedometer.

Integrated state of the art signal processing software that ensures smooth pointer operation in fluctuating signal conditions.

Optional integrated shift light.

Technology so advanced it’s covered by four pending patents.

Accuracy, innovation, and support you expect from the Leader in the Hot Rod Industry.

Runner-Up  winner at SEMA 2013 in The Best New Street Rod / Custom Car Product category

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