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John McLeod (left) and his dad at the top of the famous race course Pike's Peak.

·         My father has everything to do with why I’m in this industry, and I mean everything!

·         My grandfather owned a pattern-making shop in Detroit (Lincoln model). He was a pattern/model maker as my father was. My grandfather died before I was born and my father was too young to take over the family business, so he continued to work in the industry during the ’50s and ’60s. My dad was one of those guys who knocked off the hub caps and raced at Detroit Drag Strip or on Woodward Avenue.

·         My dad tired of the Detroit grind. He said he was starting to see the writing on the wall for the industry, loaded up our family and moved to Boyne City, Michigan, where we owned a local greenhouse and florist shop.

·         Dad was one of those men who was able to fix or build anything, and this is how my brother and I were brought up—working on cars, trucks, lawn mowers and all the mechanical devices that are in and around a greenhouse (farm)-type world. There was always something that needed fixing, and we never called for help; we had to figure it out.

·         After high school, I went back to Detroit to Motech (Chrysler Trade School) and graduated and never looked back. Cars have always been a part of my life. It became a hobby for 11 years as I went back to college and then the police academy, after which I worked as a police officer until I started managing Great Lakes Motor Works building and restoring hot rods and restoration projects. I still do 16 years later. Hardly a week goes by where I do not call Dad and have some type of question or head over to his garage to help him with a project that he is tinkering with.

·         Ten years ago, I became the owner of Classic Instruments and my dad still is close by and continues to help me whenever I need it (which is often). He never ceases to amaze me with what he knows and remembers (and all sorts of cool little tricks). And with building Classic Instruments and working on cars, I really need my dad around. The greatest thing to happen in the past two years is my younger brother (Jason) has come to work at Classic Instruments, too. He is one of the builders in the custom shop.

·         Yes, without my Father, living my dream would have never happened (of course, the hard work ethic I got from my mom).

·         —John McLeod, Classic Instruments

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Boyne City Chamber Newsletter

"Being a member of the Boyne City community has brought positive influences in all factors of my life. Growing up my family had a local business in Boyne City. Now with my own company we are creating a place for more families to grow. The team at City Hall worked hard and closely with me to make my dreams a reality, making it possible for Classic Instruments to stay and grow in Boyne City."

HRIA Member Spotlight: Classic Instruments

Classic Instruments is a great example of the type of company that is involved in HRIA. The company was established in 1977 and has grown to be the leading instrument manufacturer in the hot-rod and muscle car industry. Like HRIA, the success of Classic Instruments has been built on innovation, creative design and excellent customer service. Located in Boyne City, Michigan, the company proudly manufactures its standard and custom gauges in the United States. 

John McLeod is a lifelong hot rodder, member of the HRIA Select Committee and owner of Classic Instruments. 

The company is owned by John McLeod, a lifelong hot rodder and member of the HRIA Select Committee. Like many hot Rodders, McLeod is also a drag racer at heart. His first hot rod was a '64 Plymouth Fury Max Wedge. These days, you will find him taking part in nostalgic drag races whenever he finds an open weekend. Like most HRIA members, McLeod is more than a business owner- he is actively involved in promoting the hobby and industry of hot Rodding through his own passion for classic hot rods as well as his personal involvement in SEMA and HRIA.

The involvement of kids in hot Rodding is also a passion for McLeod and Classic Instruments.  MeLeod believes that we can help preserve our hobby and industry for years to come by exposing the next generation of car enthusiasts to classic hot rods and muscle cars. He is actively involved in promoting junior drag-racing programs in the Michigan area as well as youth involvement at national car shows and local events. Classic Instruments also provides tours and educational opportunities for local teens so that they are exposed to the hot-Rodding community.

If you have questions about getting involved in HRIA and your involvement programs, McLeod is always available to talk, or you may contact Kerry Hopperstad, chairman of the HRIA's Yough Involvement Task Force.


 John McLeod and his A/SA 2009 Challenger with Dodge Drag Pak #30 was voted

Best Appearing Car at Indianapolis for the kickoff of the North Central Division season

The Classic Instruments Sponsored (John McLeod Driven) 2009 Challenger  (TEAM: Deranged Racing)

Special Thanks to a lot of people that made this happen: THANKS to Tom Gale, Jim Lewis and everyone at Lewis Brothers Custom in Houghton Lake, Mike and Michael at MPR Racing, John Denato at Denato Engineering, Gary Stanton at Stanton Racing, Billet Specialties and their (KILLER WHEELS), Larry Hodges with Hoosier tires,  The list goes on and on with folks that helped, We will be adding names as we move on!!!

The Drag Pak was featured in July 2010 in Mopar Enthusiast Magazine  (What an Honor)

We took the Drag Pak to Auto Rama in Detroit on the February 2011 weekend of the 25th and the Car won 1st place in Competition Class    !!!   WOW!!!

First Test and Tune was at Mid Michigan on April 23rd  Made 5 passes and never got a good hook on the launch, but we did get some good down track info!!!

Was at the NHRA Division 3 opener at Indy on April 29 through May 1

Was the Real first race for Driver and Car,  Qualified 29th with  a best run of 10.106 at 132.70 mph

Won first round and was beat in the Second round.   Great People, Great Track  Great first race out!!!

THEN THE GREATEST NEWS of ALL The CAR was picked by NHRA for the BEST APPEARING Car at INDY….  We were blown away!!!!

The team was next at Norwalk Ohio with NHRA Division #3 on May 13-15th

Qualified 16th and best run of the weekend was 10.217  at 132.04mph

Won First round (By a Fraction) (But a win is a win) and on to second Round…  Race was cancelled due to weather and was rescheduled for July 03   (The team will try to make it)

John and the Drag Pak are in National Dragster for the Best Appearing Car award at INDY in May 20, 2011issue #17 Volume 52

The Drag Pak is featured in this month Mopar Muscle Magazine (June 2011)..




Classic Instruments recognizes our success due to our loyal customers and appreciate having the opportunity to supply them with the finest handcrafted instrumentation.
A special thanks to Inc. 500 for allowing us to have this honor.  

Classic Instruments has been honored as One of the 2010 "Michigan 50 Companies to Watch"

4/5/2010 Classic Instruments’ most recent honor is the recognition award as one of the 2010 “Michigan 50 Companies to Watch,” this award is sponsored by the Edward Lowe Foundation and presented by Michigan Celebrates Small Business. This award highlights the importance of entrepreneurship and the ability to boost the economy not only locally but on a national level.